Redneck Side Of Me (And You)


We think a proper redneck dating and country singles website ought to be run by rednecks, for rednecks. And having some experience in the field (and knowing that this concept irritates some liberals) we really had no choice. Yes, we strongly believe in free speech here. But before you get too excited about the whole redneck thing remember that no one is required to be a redneck to join the fun with us (but it might help), everyone just has to be redneck-friendly.

We use the term loosely. But don't get us wrong, we are indeed rednecks (just so you know we're proud of it) and we like to have fun whenever possible.

We do this for a few reasons: (1) We are rednecks, (2) we don't care what anyone thinks, and (3) we think the whole redneck concept is funny af. But don't get too caught up on it all - the whole thing is probably just codetalk or something..

Oh sure you're out there. But sometimes it's hard to get the attention you need at the race or local bar, sometimes impossible. No worries though, bellywag is here to make things more efficient. Our aim is to hook you up!

Our goal is to be the leading redneck dating & singles website around and we've put together something special for all of us. We are serious about helping you find happiness. We joke a lot but we really are committed to traditional, long-term healthy relationships.



We love love!

Now we know you have no problem finding love on your own. You know how to be seen. But we can make it so much easier for you.

We're a small group of Carolina tech types working to revolutionize online dating. Traveling most states one thing we noticed early on was that redneck is an attitude, not a location. Our experiences have proven the existence of rednecks in the north, south, east & west, and every point in between.

The whole thing started one afternoon as we were gathered out on the back porch (catching one). Somebody brought up online dating and we jumped right in with all ten toes (well one of us might have twelve but that's another story altogether). The idea presented was why don't we have a top notch dating site all our own, why don't we have one with all the bells and whistles of the big boys with all the features? So we did.

Working on the concept and platform for some time we decided to bump things up a notch or two. Instead of some basic site with messaging and winks, bellywag has taken it far beyond. Offering all the top features of any quality dating site, and adding more with more personality, bellywag is setting a new standard in online dating. We focus on what's most important to us and what we know best - Our Kind, the American Redneck.



Redneck Blinds


Privacy has been important at bellywag from day one. Members can expect it and trust in it. No member information will be shared with anyone, not now and not later. The fine people looking for love and happiness at bellywag can rest easy knowing their information, pictures and communications are safe from prying eyes. We've taken the whole thing to a whole new level!

We offer all sorts of interaction for members, from instant messages to phone/video chat to virtual chats with avatars. We aren't fooling around, Bubba. We think that other redneck dating websites are simply half-assing it. And we will not be a party to that.

The ever expanding feature-rich platform already appears boundless (says the thinkers behind the show). Bellywag offers a social media aspect where members can share ideas and make friends as well, you can even share private pictures with only members you choose.



Redneck Jokes


The stream or sharing wall each member has is like others you know, and this is a great place for redneck jokes, memes and videos. We know you've got a great sense of humor (or you wouldn't be here) and get a kick out of it all. So go ahead and talk about redneck paradise, doorbells and hot tubs all you want. Let's have fun with it. We're not a redneck island we're more like a redneck nation (or even world), and we love redneck country clubs and yacht clubs just like you.

Share your ideas on redneck weddings, limos, accents and bbq. We all get a laugh out of it so put it on parade we say. You've got redneck engineering techniques others can use – share it on your wall. Send friend requests and build new relationships, and have fun with it!

Maybe you're into mullets or mud parks, redneck Olympics or one liners, redneck karate or kung fu, or just redneck life in general – share it. Because a great sense of humor goes a long way when it comes to dating and finding the one.

Don't hold back, share your ideas. Share videos of your beauty parlor experience, your 4 x 4 in the mud, the big catch fishing at the lake, or the wild boar you nailed at 200 yards. It's all good here at bellywag.

You know all about redneck women, men, kings and queens. You've got redneck pick up lines no one has heard yet, so let it flow. Because the more relaxed you get with us the more fun you'll have and the more love you'll find. It really is that simple.

Life is short and we all might as well enjoy it as much we can. Talk about jean shorts, daisy dukes, beards or ink, spread the fun, reap the rewards. Find your honey!



Redneck Party


Are you an uber redneck? Tell us about it. Tell the community about your redneck six pack & yoga, your dirt bike or designer pooch, everybody loves that stuff don't you know? Poke fun at yourself and you'll win the hearts of many (plus it just feels good), you might even attract your soul mate, and that's good stuff right there all on its own. You're at home here. If you're a comic, wrote a country song, or just plain redneck crazy, you're welcome here anytime.


Join the fun today!