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When will I find the one? What's the best way to start a relationship? What are some women dating tips? What is the difference between dating and a relationship? How to make it work?


Love is a mystery. People are different. And timing is everything. And experts in the field come from all walks of life, perhaps you know someone with a knack for offering great information and advice in the relationship department? Maybe they're a friend or relative or maybe it's the older lady down at the ice cream shop? No matter so long as the conversation is fruitful and sincere, right? We know people like that too! And what better place than an online dating website to have this - solid advice & tips always at the ready!

So let's start with some questions...

What is the difference between dating and courting? What is the history of dating? What is dating in the 21st century? What are some great dating ideas? You get the feeling. We're like a dating 101 class, and maybe a dating 911 for emergencies too.

Things like why do I get light-headed around certain people? Why does my pulse quicken? And why do I sweat and breathe heavier around some people? Mysteries!

What about dating over 40? What about dating with kids? With anxiety? With depression? These are all interests of others and maybe even yourself. Let's find these answers together.

What if you're dating your best friend? What if you're dating your boss? And what about dating your ex? Where can I get dating insurance? No really, where can we get it?

What about dating someone into comics? Or what about dating someone into zippo lighters? What if they're 420 friendly and I'm not? Are zodiac signs important for compatibility? Is there a dating zone?

Well let's find out together here.

One thing we can say for absolute certainity is that you're probably over-thinking it (just like we do). But remember to understand one important thing - dating is easy!

And so without further delay ladies and gentlemen... the dear bellywag blog!



Dear Bellywag,





Dear Bellywag,

I love my boyfriend and he seems to love me, but he's always flirting with other women. He says I'm imagining things that he's just a friendly adult. And boy is he friendly, I mean I can understand opening a car door for a woman, but does he have to do it for other women when we're out together?

Just last week we were leaving the gym and this skinny blonde local walked up to her car parked near mine. So my boyfriend walks over there and helps her open her trunk and then helped her load her stuff. Not only that he then went to her driver door and opened it, then helped her in! I saw where his hand went down her back and the look she gave him. And he did it not twenty feet from me!! Oh but then he comes home with me so I can cook him supper and then be his naked dessert!

I don't know if I need to read more books or go through some kind of detox. I don't know what to think really, he's always online when he's over here. And if I walk over to him he'll hide his screen. He tells me he's on Wikipedia all the time, but then I see bellywag in the history. This is an online dating & singles website, right? For couples? One of those damn apps for a speed match?

I swear if some woman he is cheating with responds to this post...


Disgusted in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina






Dear Bellywag,

My wife, well we're recently separated but she still comes by occasionally and I help her financially, last weekend left her small children with me while she and my son's wife went to the beach one night. My sons are grown and one is married, but her children are small. Both of her children have a father other than me but we were together during the youngest's earliest years and I consider her my own.

But anyway last weekend she left her children and my son's wife left her children with me and my son while they went out to the beach clubbing. My other son told us we were a couple of cucks, two men sitting home on a weekend night watching other people's children while the women went out drinking. He said we were a couple of punks but not worry that someone else would take came of them before the night was over. He laughed at us as he left.

So what do you think? Am I doing the right thing here? She tells me there's a chance but tells all my friends that she ain't coming back. I'm kind of afraid to know the truth, and probably afraid of the alternative even more. Please help with some good advice, I'm not here looking for mockery or smart ass comments. Thanks in advance


Sleepless in Savannah, Georgia



Well Sleepless what can I say... you need to grow a pair. Seriously I don't mean to be rude but really Man. Don't get me wrong, it is good that people like you are out there to help raise children, I mean you might be the only decent exposure those kids will get, but still.  If she's got two kids (not yours) and you married her, and then she leaves but still comes around when she needs something, well to answer your question - yeah she's out there slingin it. But sounds like one of your sons has some sense. Best of luck to you! I'd move on, drop it all like a bad habit...






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Do people have dating styles? What are some dating myths? What about some games, apps, or fails? Are there trends that should stop immediately? And what if I'm on the wilder side, what are some rules to break? How long should I wait for a first kiss? What is your number one deal breaker? What are some red flags?

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